Naming Opportunities

An exciting new chapter in Exeter College Library’s 170-year history is about to be written. It’s a chapter about transformation, and it heralds a rare opportunity for the College and for you too.

You already have your place in Exeter College’s proud history. Now you have the change to secure a permanent place in its future. The Exeter College Library restoration project will create a superb study space that’s fit for the 21st century. It will combine the wonderful qualities of our beautiful Victorian Gothic Library building with the modern facilities that are needed by today’s students and researchers

The newly restored Library will celebrate the remarkable 20th century writers that the College has inspired and nurtured, such as JRR Tolkien, Alan Bennett, Philip Pullman, Martin Amis, Christopher Reid, Will Self and Amy Sackville. It will also recognise Exeter College’s alumni and friends whose generosity has helped to make this transformation possible, by proudly displaying their names within the newly refurbished Library.

Joanna Bowring


The Exeter Library houses over 40,000 books. Imagine how wonderful and inspiring it would be if, over time, each and every book bore the name of an Exonian who forged their future within the same study space where they are sitting today.


Our librarian cannot promise which book your bookplate will appear in. However, she will be proud to recognise your donation of £250 by placing a bookplate bearing your name within one of Exeter Library’s 40,000 books.

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The mind can only absorb what the rear can endure. The newly refurbished library will provide brand new, beautifully built oak chairs to enable our students to sit, study and write for long periods in complete comfort.


Your donation of £2,000 will be celebrated and recognised by placing a plaque bearing your name on a chair within the newly transformed study space.

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The new Library will provide a higher number and choice of desks. These will include traditional, individual reader spaces, standing desks, shared bench-style desks, and adjustable desks for wheelchair users.


When you choose to donate £5,000, your college will recognise your generosity by placing your name on a plaque on one of the desks. For future students, your name could become synonymous with their creativity, study and achievements.

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New Bookcase

The Annexe will be the most noticeable transformation to the Library. It’s here that the architects had the most freedom to be creative.


The newly revealed gothic windows will create a bright, airy space in which to work. A new, half-width mezzanine will house an expanse of extra bookcases. When you donate £10,000, a plaque with your name will be displayed on one new bookcase.

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Restored original bookcases

The large bookcases are an integral part of Gilbert Scott’s original design. These will be removed, restored and returned to their former glory.


In recognition of your £25,000 donation, your name will be displayed on a plaque on one of newly renovated oak bookcases.

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Your donation

This is your chance to help write the next chapter in Exeter Library’s history. It’s also a rare opportunity to have your place in your College’s past, and the part you have played in creating a modern Library for the benefit of future students, celebrated and recognised.

By making a gift to help furnish our newly transformed Library, you will secure a permanent place in Exeter’s future. The College looks forward to celebrating your philanthropy by placing your name within the newly renovated library.

To help write the next chapter, please make your gift today using the donation form enclosed and returning it in the reply-paid envelope. The development team will be in touch to confirm how your generosity will be recognised in the Library.

You are very welcome to discuss the many recognition opportunities in more detail with a member of our Development Office: