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Making the Library more environmentally sustainable

The restoration plans include a number of non-intrusive measures that will result in a substantial reduction in the College’s carbon footprint and help to make the space a more comfortable and pleasant working environment for staff and students alike.

A legacy gift to Write the Next Chapter

In 2019 Exeter College received a legacy gift from lawyer, author and university professor Philip Pettit, who sadly died in November 2017. The first of three generations to study at Exeter College, it was Philip’s wish that Exeter should...

The Architecture of Exeter College Library

"The library, as it stands, is, I think, one of Scott’s most significant works. I think what’s striking about it is actually it still has much of the grandeur in its upper reading room, which is an incredible vaulted interior."

Tim Ashley

Why I gave to the Library – Tim Ashley

"I honestly feel that there has never been a better or more important time to make this sort of gesture. For me it has passed from being a hypothetical possibility to being an absolute obligation."