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Library project nears completion as books are returned

28th September 2023

With Michaelmas term nearing, the Exeter College Library renovation project is entering its last stages. Most of the construction is now complete, and as finishing touches are being made, our beloved books are returning to their rightful places on restored oak shelves. Students will soon return to College for the 2023-2024 academic year, and they will be able to utilise our state-of-the-art and fully accessible Library, looking as stunning as when it was first built.

In June of last year, the Library was emptied of its books by a specialist company who ensured that the books remained in perfect condition. Thirty-five thousand books were moved into storage at the Bodleian’s specialist facility in Swindon. Six thousand of the Library’s most utilised books were rehomed in the Saskatchewan Room, which has served as a replacement lending library since. We are pleased to report that lending levels have remained consistent throughout the year even as our Library was under construction.

Over a year later, the books are returning to the refurbished bookshelves. The books were packed in strict order so that they would could be returned in the most efficient manner possible. The move was supervised by Librarian Joanna Bowring and Assistant Librarian Steph Wales. Throughout the refurbishment process, Joanna and Steph have been consulted on changes made to the Library and how it can best serve students’ study needs.

The photos below were taken on 7 September, as books started to be returned.

Library exterior with construction in foreground
Library shelves
Library shelves with window in background